Future Student Capstone Projects

Propose a Student Research Project by July 24th 2020

Past Student Capstone Projects

Masters of Urban and Regional planning students complete one of the following in their second year prior to graduation:

  • Applied Planning Research Project (Client Project): The Client Project is applied planning research on a real-world problem conducted by MURP students in their 2nd year in order to satisfy the capstone requirement for the degree.  See a feature on four c/0 2020 students and their projects.
  • Community Scholars or Comprehensive Project: Community Scholars & the Comprehensive Projects are similar, in many respects, to the client project, but larger in scope and scale. These projects simulate real world planning practice in that they incorporate students from various areas of concentration working together to research a problem from multiple planning angles.
  • Masters’ Theses: The thesis focuses on posing and answering a research question in planning that has not previously been answered. Research is conducted by a MURP student in conjunction with a faculty committee. 

Masters of Public Policy students complete an Applied Policy Project

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