Transfers Magazine, the biannual digital magazine of the Pacific Southwest Region UTC edited by a team of UCLA faculty, staff and students, released its latest issue last month. Our writers take on some of the biggest challenges we have faced as a society this year, from climate change to racial injustice to the COVID-19 pandemic.

These problems show up in our transportation work in ways big and small, and require us to harness our expertise across issue areas. Transfers is one effort towards sharing knowledge to collectively develop the critical solutions that we need. Our editor-in-chief, Michael Manville, wrote:

What makes these Transfers articles, however, is less the urgency of the subjects and more what the authors bring to them: a commitment to clarity, reason and evidence. Transfers is premised on the idea that solutions do exist to our problems, and that careful research, translated into respectful and generous prose, can help us find those solutions and usher them toward reality.

Please check out the articles from the latest issue.

Editor’s Note
Michael Manville

Bearing the Brunt of Expanding E-Commerce: Logistics Sprawl, Goods Movement, and Environmental Justice
Communities of color face disproportionate burdens from living near warehouses
Quan Yuan

How Developers Respond to Parking Reforms
Reducing minimum parking requirements can help alleviate urban housing crises
C.J. Gabbe, Gregory Pierce and Gordon Clowers

What’s Needed for EVs to Take Off? Learning from Hawaii
Successful EV adoption in the U.S. depends on supportive policies
Sherilyn Hayashida

Exploring the Spillover Effects of Commuter Benefits
How employers can encourage travel behaviors beyond commuting
Eun Jin Shin

Paving Equity into the Streets
Transportation agencies have the power to begin reversing structural inequities in cities
Ryan Russo

Opinion: The Problem with Drive-In Services — Now and After COVID-19
Offering critical services only by car creates equity divides
Madeline Brozen

Transfers Magazine is a biannual research publication of the Pacific Southwest Region University Transportation Center, a federally funded network of eight partner campuses in Arizona, California and Hawaii. Transfers also features a year-round blog covering campus stories, research updates, student projects, news, events, opinions and more.

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