ITS scholars approach much of their research through the lens of transportation equity, studying how travel behavior, infrastructure development, and the environmental impacts of transportation impact low-income residents and communities of color. The Access to Opportunities program, a partnership with the UCLA Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies, examines how transportation connects — or disconnects — people from high-quality housing, stable jobs, and other paths out of poverty.

Lead Scholars

Evelyn Blumenberg
Evelyn BlumenbergDirector of Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies / Professor of Urban Planning
William Clark
William ClarkProfessor Emeritus of Geography
Michael Lens
Michael LensAssociate Faculty Director, Lewis Center / Associate Professor of Urban Planning and Public Policy

Other Scholars

Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris
Professor of Urban Planning

Paul Ong
Professor of Urban Planning

Gregory Pierce
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Urban Planning

Brian Taylor
Professor of Urban Planning & ITS Director

Martin Wachs
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Briefs, News, and Opinion

Selected Research Publications

Sexual Harassment and Assault in Transit Environments: A Review of the English-language Literature
Hao Ding, Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, Asha Weinstein Agrawal— 2020

Automatic Generation of School Bus Routes in Los Angeles
Mason A. Porter, David J. Spencer, Cu Hauw Hung— 2020

Low-Income Workers, Residential Location, and the Changing Commute in the United States
Evelyn Blumenberg, Hannah King— 2019

Physical Accessibility and Employment among Older Adults in California
Evelyn Blumenberg, Andrew Schouten, Miriam Pinski, and Martin Wachs — 2019

A Resurgence in Urban Living? Trends in Residential Location Patterns of Young and Older Adults Since 2000
Evelyn Blumenberg, Anne Brown, Kelcie Ralph, Brian D. Taylor, and Carole Turley Vougaris— 2019

The Poverty of the Carless: Toward Universal Auto Access
Michael Manville, David A. King, Michael J. Smart — 2019

Toward a richer picture of the mobility needs of older Americans
Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, Martin Wachs, Miriam Pinski— 2019

Car-deficit households: Determinants and implications for household travel in the U.S.
Evelyn Blumenberg, Anne Brown, Andrew Schouten — 2018

Automobile Ownership and Travel by the Poor: Evidence from the 2009 National Household Travel Survey
Evelyn Blumenberg, Gregory Pierce — 2018

Travel Behavior of the Poor After Welfare Reform
Evelyn Blumenberg, Trevor Thomas — 2018

A Taste for Transit? Analyzing Public Transit Use Trends Among Youth
Anne E. Brown, Evelyn Blumenberg, Brian D. Taylor, Kelcie Ralph, Carole Turley Voulgaris— 2016

Welfare to Work Voucher Program
Evelyn Blumenberg, Gregory Pierce— 2016

The Drive to Work: The Relationship between Transportation Access, Housing Assistance, and Employment Among Participants in the Welfare to Work Voucher Program
Evelyn Blumenberg, Gregory Pierce— 2016

Getting Around When You’re Just Getting By: Transportation Survival Strategies of the Poor
Evelyn BlumenbergAsha Weinstein Agrawal — 2014

What’s Youth Got to Do with It? Exploring the Travel Behavior of Teens and Young Adults
Evelyn Blumenberg, Brian D. Taylor, Michael Smart, Kelcie Ralph, Madeline Wander, Stephen Brumbagh — 2012

Recent Projects